BA introduced our upcoming PCC Forward Charging Rifle and our Pivotal Buttstock at the SHOT SHOW! BOTH PATENT-PENDING! Taking pre-orders for the Rifle now! See you next year!

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Zach J.
Zach J.
Charlotte N.C.
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Nothing beats a Cerakote coating. Extra protection from everyday elements while working somewhat like a lubricant. I recommend Bilson Arms, any day.
Stacey B.
Stacey B.
Delcambre, La.
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Having worked within the "Billy Angers family of companies" since 2014, I can honestly say that I would put the machining and programming skills, lathe and mill, up against anyone. Utilizing leading edge programs in the CNC/CAD departments, such as MasterCAM, Solidworks & Autodesk products, coupled with an integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, namely Global Manufacturing, has improved quality, project repeatability and timely deliverables.
Randall T.
Randall T.
Lafayette, La.
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Wife surprised me with a Bilson lower for Christmas. Looks like I'm building my first AR. As a machinist for over 40 years, I know quality craftsmanship. Super excited!
Grim Solutions
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I can't believe someone didn't think of this before. this is the greatest new product for the AR platform in years.
Bilson Arms, LLC, is an FFL full-service machine shop specializing in AR billet lowers and custom AR gun design. Home of two Patent-Pending products, our BA Pivotal Buttstock which utilizes an angular detent system promoting accuracy as well as comfort, and the BA-9, our newest product rolling out later this spring. The BA-9 has a Patent-Pending forward charging hand grip allowing the shooter to charge, recharge, and clear the cartridge from the chamber without removing the finger from the trigger or the eye from the optic.
Located in Broussard, Louisiana, we handle our machining in-house as well as offer coatings. We provide Cerakote, which is extremely durable and used widely in the military and armed forces, and Anodize which is an electrochemical process that oxidizes the aluminum, basically embedding it into the product making it impossible to chip, peel scratch off. Anodize is highly popular for all types of aluminum as it is budget friendly while protecting your firearm parts against corrosion and other elements. Anodize also keeps a shinier more metallic look.
Currently, we schedule appointments to visit our storefront, but our products are also available online. Approved Dealers who sign up with us online receive special offers and announcements before the general public, and first shot at any new product line.
Our highly skilled team can create unique, custom products for your gun, or build you an AR from the ground up, on your budget. And the beauty of this is… all while manufacturing these products in-house, in Broussard, Louisiana. Our ultimate goal is to develop unique arms while affording our clients’ distinctive customization they might not receive elsewhere.  We will be adding uppers and BCG’s in the near future and we are continuously adding products to our site, so be sure to check back frequently!

BA-9 PCC Forward Charging Rifle with a Patent-Pending forward charging hand grip!

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The BA 9 is Bilson Arms PCC addition to the AR Platform. It has a forward Charging hand grip which allows the shooter to charge, recharge, and clear the cartridge from the chamber without removing the finger from the trigger or the eye from the optic…  Coupled with the BA Pivotal Buttstock, the end rests steady and comfortable on your shoulder while remaining maneuverable for any position needed.

*The forward charging hand grip is available on all AR Platform calibers.
Where Innovation and Practicality Collide!

BA's Patent-Pending Pivotal Buttstock!

We are proud to introduce our Patent-Pending Pivotal Buttstock, complete with radial positioning indication. The Pivotal Buttstock was designed to aid in the rotational shooting positions of the attached firearm, utilizing a detent system to give clear indication once the proper tilt angle is achieved! In addition, multiple applications for this system can be applied with a magnitude of different mounting attachments.

Let's Make Your AR...... YOUR AR!!!

Bilson Arms Desert Rain 5.56 multi-cal carbine - desert camo ar15
BA Black Ops
Bilson Arms, LLC, is proud to present our own line of AR platform rifles. Whether you prefer our AR-15’s or our Patent-Pending PCC Forward Charging Rifle, we start with our billet lower and end with our Patent-Pending pivotal buttstock. We offer complete in-house production capacity, Cerakote and Anodize coatings, engraving, and personalized gun-building services! Customize your AR and stay #BilsonArmed!

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